Worth and Deserve It!

You worth it you perfect
Deserve it just work it
You look elegant, elegant
Also you’re pretty, pretty
You shine, shine You’re the truth and the reason

If anyone keeps insulting you, insulting you
Tell em you’re my lady
Go tell them, tell them
Whatever other people say
Whatever this world tells you
You’re the best to me just the way you are

Don’t ever be scared
Whatever people say, you’re okay Alright
You are strong
You say yes or no yes or no

Oh bae don’t lower yourself
Okay don’t set yourself to them
You’re mine
You’re beautiful enough
Don’t worry don’t worry
Baby you’re beautiful
You You You

Tell them you’re strong
Tell them you’re enough
Let you go let you go let you go
Let it go oh

~ BTS ~

PS: Still missing your words here. :')


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