Being Neutral

Dentistry taught me many things.
Sorry if I bias towards Dentistry because I feel it. However, all courses teach us many things. :D

Everyday, I feel terrified when waking up from bed.
Thinking what's going on today.
What if I stumble in the middle of route?
What if my projects being rejected?
What if I will
Those are keep played when I wake from bed.

After a long time..
My awakening becomes aspiring.
Aspiring to be a good student by niat.
Day by day.
Even yesterday was a horrible day.
Which is full of rejection and disappointment.
That was made me crying endlessly.
Even my surrounding people are faster than me,
In doing our bread and butter.

I wanna keep crying.
Sigh in silent.

But good people make me to do something better.
Make me feel positive.
Keep smiling when facing hardship. (this smile is sooooo beautiful.)
Make me keep laugh normally. Haha
Make me tell the stories without hesitation.
Without worrying what's their thought of me.

One more thing.
I cant keep being sad throughout the time,
sad due to the failure 'coz
"Why I need to be a sad girl while your people getting through the hardship?"
I need to neutralize them,
like acid + base = neutral,
by being a happy person that will lift them up.
With saying this to them,
"Chin up, my dearest people. 
It's my time to cheer you up."

However, the most significant thing.
Allah gives us the happiness. 
Allah gives us the sadness.
To make us reflect all of this.
Either it is just the istidraj or nikmat.
Or Allah just wanna show us that He loves us. :D <3


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