Ever since I was born
I counted the days for my first move
I remember, why I had to move
The machine in my mom’s heart and the big scar
In winter of 2010 at Daegu
The childish me used to measure the size of the world
The reason why we moved into a business
Was because of all the bad things people said, saying we follow money
So moving left many things with me
Whether I liked it or not, it changed a lot in my life
My life was about paying rent, I know
I lived with my pride put into the down payment
So I’m gonna move again
I’m gonna have a dream, a level higher than being an idol
When will I stop having to move again?
I hope it comes quickly

Let’s move
Goodbye to this place, that we grew attached to
Let’s move
Now to a higher place

While taking the last box out of the empty room
I looked back for a moment
Times we cried and laughed
Goodbye now

~ Written by SUGA for BTS - Move

I’m 20 (now) and it’s a good day
I’ve become a free body
But what is this, there’s nothing to it I’ve only become an adult
I’ve only become an adult, I’ve only become an adult
I’ve only become an average adult, The average adult is what I’ve become
An adult

~ BTS - Adult Child

All the underdogs in the world
A day may come when we lose
But it is not today
Today we fight!

No not today
Eventually, the flowers will fall
But no not today
That day is not today
No no not today
Not yet to die
too good day
No no not today
no no no not today


Run if you can’t fly
Today we will survive
Walk if you can’t run
Today we will survive
Crawl if you can’t walk
Gear up by crawling at least
Point a gun at! Aim! Fire!

Trust me who is by your side
Together we won’t die
I trust you who is by my side
Together we won’t die

~ BTS - Not Today

Sorry coz too much words. I'm angry with myself right now.
I want to move on.
From an ordinary girl to a matured woman.
I dont want to be a greedy woman who prevent her man from having his own time.


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