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Worth and Deserve It!

You worth it you perfect Deserve it just work it You look elegant, elegant Also you’re pretty, pretty You shine, shine You’re the truth and the reason
If anyone keeps insulting you, insulting you Tell em you’re my lady Go tell them, tell them Whatever other people say Whatever this world tells you You’re the best to me just the way you are
Don’t ever be scared Whatever people say, you’re okay Alright You are strong You say yes or no yes or no

Oh bae don’t lower yourself Okay don’t set yourself to them You’re mine You’re beautiful enough Don’t worry don’t worry Baby you’re beautiful You You You

Tell them you’re strong Tell them you’re enough Let you go let you go let you go Let it go oh
~ BTS ~

PS: Still missing your words here. :')

Wings I

Take me to the sky
Remember when I was a child I didn’t have big worries This small feather was going to become my wings And with those wings, I was going to fly I believed and I was full of faith And laughter
(Like a bird) I went down a path people told me not to I did things people told me not to I wanted things I should not want I would be hurt, hurt again You can call me stupid Then I just smirk I don’t want to be successful Doing something I don’t want to do I push myself Word
I believe in myself, my back hurts because It’s to sprout my wings I believe in you, I may be weak now But in the end, it will be an incredible jump Fly, fly up in the sky Fly, fly get ’em up high This is the path you chose dude, don’t doubt yourself This is only the first flight uh
Take me to the sky If I can fly free If I can run away forever If my wings could fly I would pierce through the heavy air and fly
I fly, I fly, I fly Higher than higher than Higher than the sky I fly, I fly, I fly Beat my red wings with all my might
Spread spread …


Dense but I shall try

(Natasha, 2016)


Sky that pours light (I) stand under it Fly as if I’m dreaming My life is a beauty
A story I’ve heard often somewhere Ugly duckling and swan, a butterfly before it flies People don’t know, they don’t see your wings A new world you’ve met could be cruel
But strong girl, you know you were born to fly Tears you’ve cried, all of the pain you’ve felt It’s to prepare you for the day you’ll fly even higher Butterfly, Everybody’s gonna see it soon
Sky that pours light (I) stand under it Fly as if I’m dreaming My life is a beauty
Forgotten dream, I draw it again in my heart Collect all of the times I withdrew and swallow it Small memories wake me up one by one It opens me up, as if it’ll fill the whole world
Past the long, long night Want to embark on the road for a trip again Why not? In this world, One word that awakens my heart
Yesterday, I was alone Countless gazes Falling tears I withstood another day again Yesterday, that was a close call All of the words that poured out It embraced me, who was shaking, again
Sky that …

Dope + Immune

Parts of Dope by BTS..

Ok, we’re sick from our head to our toes We’re sick with work for half our days We live sickly in our studios, our youths may rot away But thanks to that, we’re running to success
I worked all night, every day While you were playing in the club Differently from other guys I don’t wanna say yes I don’t wanna say yes
Why are they killing us before we can even try
Why are you hanging your head and accepting it already?
Don’t ever give up, you know you not lonely Our dawn is prettier than the day So can I get a little bit of hope? Wake your sleeping youth, go
Different from the lying wack jobs Every day is about the hustle life I gotta make it, I gotta make it, I'm kinda sick!

Sick = Dope = Ketagih (?) = Immune

In this lyrics, the singers conveyed about their life in studio. All day long practicing dance and singing.
So, I can relate to my life as well as your life as a student.

We're sick facing books and notes. We're sick finishing assignments. We're sick remembering all…

Study [PYQ of Pro Exam]

Time study.. Tetiba teringin nak tengok past year paper. Kalau boleh, Progress Test punya la. Professional Exam tak ready lagi nak tengok sebab Pro Exam ni akan ada time Sem 4, Sem 8 dan tak tahu. Hahaha.

Aku pun pi la bukak EQPS (portal untuk dapatkan PYQ). Tengok-tengok, aku pi download Professional Exam (Pro Exam) punya. Huhu, Nak menangis tengok.

Ok. Nak solat dan sambung study. Bai.

PS: Sorry. Blog semakin bosan dan penuh terms pelik-pelik.