Dope + Immune

Parts of Dope by BTS..

Ok, we’re sick from our head to our toes
We’re sick with work for half our days
We live sickly in our studios, our youths may rot away
But thanks to that, we’re running to success

I worked all night, every day
While you were playing in the club
Differently from other guys
I don’t wanna say yes I don’t wanna say yes

Why are they killing us before we can even try

Why are you hanging your head and accepting it already?

Don’t ever give up, you know you not lonely
Our dawn is prettier than the day
So can I get a little bit of hope?
Wake your sleeping youth, go

Different from the lying wack jobs
Every day is about the hustle life
I gotta make it, I gotta make it, I'm kinda sick!

Sick = Dope = Ketagih (?) = Immune

In this lyrics, the singers conveyed about their life in studio. All day long practicing dance and singing.
So, I can relate to my life as well as your life as a student.

We're sick facing books and notes.
We're sick finishing assignments.
We're sick remembering all those hundreds of terms.
We live sickly in hostel in the university or school.
But thanks to that, we're running to...


Kalau Allah tak bagi kita dugaan tu semua, how we can reach the true success? :)


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