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Bibimbap Time!

After along time, I can have bibimbap. If I eat it at a Korean restaurant, I feel quite doubtful about the 'Halal'ness. :D So, I cooked it by my own hands even I'm beginner in cooking.

I searched the recipe from Uncle Google and found this and this. Thanks bloggers for sharing this easy recipe.

It looks nice. I didn't buy Gochujang, chilly bean paste. I just made it. My reason is same. Halalan toyyiban is beyond everything. :D

So, for those who are craving on Korean cuisine, you can try this out!

First time I met you

For the first time that I met you, I saw you in Abah's laptop. You looked interesting. So, I wanted to know you more detail. Then, I opened a guide about you. I learnt and practised.

It is getting funnier. The more I know you, the less my knowledge. :D

First time using you.

They looks fun? Haha.. My drawing used you. Actually, I did these in when I was 10 years old.

Now, I will look like this.

Firstly, I drew this comic on a paper. Next, I scanned it. After that, I traced and coloured it in you.

In 2013, I had to face you everyday. Sidress and I must publish BAKTI magazine. After we got through much trials, finally, I got a printed BAKTI on the day of I won Malay poem competition. I got it like a mom had born a healthy baby. I satisfied.

So, without the help of Allah, I cannot use you.

Now, I reached an intersection that I have to leave or embrace you again until I die. T.T
I'll miss you, Photoshop.

Persimmon is not a Banana

Do you have eat persimmon?

In Malaysia, persimmon is known as Pisang Kaki. However, many Malaysians confused.

"Pisang Kaki tu Pisang ke? Tak ada rupa macam pisang pun." This thought always in my mind during my childhood time. This is because Malaysians called banana, Pisang. So, we thought persimmon is the family member of banana. Haha.

The first time I knew persimmon was the primary school time. I read a kid magazine, E-Baca. Then, I read about persimmon in a column called like, 'Did You Know?' There was I knowing it!

From there, I started wondering how its taste?

Next, I watched a historical KDrama. The crown princess wanted to kill the crown prince by putting cyanide powder on the dried persimmon before giving to him as supper. So, I thought the dried persimmon always be snacks for Chinese and Korean.

After that, I watched Running Man episode 221 which its landmark was in Hadong, Gyeoungsangnam-do. In that province, there are many huge persimmon plantations are s…

Driving Lesson I


Finally, I ended my drenched school life with an 'elegant' olive school uniform. Haha.
Yeah! That uniform was nearly expensive as Siti Khadijah's telekung (prayer robe).

So, it became a trend when school leavers asking their parents to become an official motocar driver.
Abah allowed me but Mak didn't. Sigh. Maybe I'll learn to drive during pursue study in a university.

After Mak knew there is the automatic transmission driving lesson (that's true?) from Mak Cik Raja, Mak allowed me to learn it. Alhamdulillah! Yes!

Firstly, I registered at an agency of Institut Memandu Anggerik Muhibbah (IMAM). It locates opposite of SK Sg. Kepar. It's fee is very expensive, ma.. RM 1300. This is for auto car.

For manual transmission car, the fee is less than auto's. RM 1200++.

First step, I must attend 5 hours course of KKP01. Many rumors said that course is quite bored. For me, it is fun because I know what I didn't know. So, don't be a perso…