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Cute Fonts!

Seriously webpage ni provide fonts cute sangat-sangat + FREE untuk digunakan dalam pembikinan poster. >.<

PS: Larat buat poster je. Video, I pencen. Final Sem 1 pulak menanti. Ha ha.

Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa

Let’s only walk on flower trails,
I can’t say that
Let’s only see good things,
I can’t say that either
Saying that there will only be good things from now on
Saying that you won’t get hurt
I can’t say that
I can’t lie like that

Because you’re all idols
It sucks even if I don’t hear it
I don’t like your lyrics
It’s a video even if I don’t see it (T/N: Meaning that it’s already obvious)
Because you don’t have power you would certainly
have done dirty deeds
Observing how you act
Soon you’ll cease to exist
Thank you so much
Because of all of your self-reproach,
I was able to prove myself something I wasn’t able to do when in high school
Hands clapping yes keep on going keep on going
We’ll be happy by ourselves
Good yeah i’m good

It’s okay come on when I say one two three forget it
Erase all sad memories hold my hand and smile

It’s okay come on when I say one two three forget it
Erase all sad memories
Smile holding onto each other’s hands

Hoping for more good days
If you believe what I say then one two three
If you be…

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

Do you know my heart? My tears are telling you For all my life For the rest of my life You, you You are my everything You are my person
I erased as much as my heart ached But I can’t erase this love Even if the world freezes This love won’t stop Instead, I’ll hurt some more
Don’t worry about me Though it hurts, it’s love I’m happy Because you are forever My person
I can’t open my eyes When you aren’t in front of me
Flowers bloom and wither Like the night that sank with tears There’s only fear There’s only fear
I erased as much as my heart ached But I can’t erase this love Even if the world freezes This love won’t stop Hold my hand tightly
Even if the world turns away from us I won’t let go of this hand
I erased as much as my heart ached But I can’t erase this love Even if the world freezes This love won’t stop Instead, I’ll hurt some more
Don’t worry about me Though it hurts, it’s love I’m happy Because you are forever My person I love you

Huhu. Sedih dengar lagu ni time buat assignment ELC. :')

Worth and Deserve It!

You worth it you perfect Deserve it just work it You look elegant, elegant Also you’re pretty, pretty You shine, shine You’re the truth and the reason
If anyone keeps insulting you, insulting you Tell em you’re my lady Go tell them, tell them Whatever other people say Whatever this world tells you You’re the best to me just the way you are
Don’t ever be scared Whatever people say, you’re okay Alright You are strong You say yes or no yes or no

Oh bae don’t lower yourself Okay don’t set yourself to them You’re mine You’re beautiful enough Don’t worry don’t worry Baby you’re beautiful You You You

Tell them you’re strong Tell them you’re enough Let you go let you go let you go Let it go oh
~ BTS ~

PS: Still missing your words here. :')

Wings I

Take me to the sky
Remember when I was a child I didn’t have big worries This small feather was going to become my wings And with those wings, I was going to fly I believed and I was full of faith And laughter
(Like a bird) I went down a path people told me not to I did things people told me not to I wanted things I should not want I would be hurt, hurt again You can call me stupid Then I just smirk I don’t want to be successful Doing something I don’t want to do I push myself Word
I believe in myself, my back hurts because It’s to sprout my wings I believe in you, I may be weak now But in the end, it will be an incredible jump Fly, fly up in the sky Fly, fly get ’em up high This is the path you chose dude, don’t doubt yourself This is only the first flight uh
Take me to the sky If I can fly free If I can run away forever If my wings could fly I would pierce through the heavy air and fly
I fly, I fly, I fly Higher than higher than Higher than the sky I fly, I fly, I fly Beat my red wings with all my might
Spread spread …


Dense but I shall try

(Natasha, 2016)


Sky that pours light (I) stand under it Fly as if I’m dreaming My life is a beauty
A story I’ve heard often somewhere Ugly duckling and swan, a butterfly before it flies People don’t know, they don’t see your wings A new world you’ve met could be cruel
But strong girl, you know you were born to fly Tears you’ve cried, all of the pain you’ve felt It’s to prepare you for the day you’ll fly even higher Butterfly, Everybody’s gonna see it soon
Sky that pours light (I) stand under it Fly as if I’m dreaming My life is a beauty
Forgotten dream, I draw it again in my heart Collect all of the times I withdrew and swallow it Small memories wake me up one by one It opens me up, as if it’ll fill the whole world
Past the long, long night Want to embark on the road for a trip again Why not? In this world, One word that awakens my heart
Yesterday, I was alone Countless gazes Falling tears I withstood another day again Yesterday, that was a close call All of the words that poured out It embraced me, who was shaking, again
Sky that …

Dope + Immune

Parts of Dope by BTS..

Ok, we’re sick from our head to our toes We’re sick with work for half our days We live sickly in our studios, our youths may rot away But thanks to that, we’re running to success
I worked all night, every day While you were playing in the club Differently from other guys I don’t wanna say yes I don’t wanna say yes
Why are they killing us before we can even try
Why are you hanging your head and accepting it already?
Don’t ever give up, you know you not lonely Our dawn is prettier than the day So can I get a little bit of hope? Wake your sleeping youth, go
Different from the lying wack jobs Every day is about the hustle life I gotta make it, I gotta make it, I'm kinda sick!

Sick = Dope = Ketagih (?) = Immune

In this lyrics, the singers conveyed about their life in studio. All day long practicing dance and singing.
So, I can relate to my life as well as your life as a student.

We're sick facing books and notes. We're sick finishing assignments. We're sick remembering all…

Study [PYQ of Pro Exam]

Time study.. Tetiba teringin nak tengok past year paper. Kalau boleh, Progress Test punya la. Professional Exam tak ready lagi nak tengok sebab Pro Exam ni akan ada time Sem 4, Sem 8 dan tak tahu. Hahaha.

Aku pun pi la bukak EQPS (portal untuk dapatkan PYQ). Tengok-tengok, aku pi download Professional Exam (Pro Exam) punya. Huhu, Nak menangis tengok.

Ok. Nak solat dan sambung study. Bai.

PS: Sorry. Blog semakin bosan dan penuh terms pelik-pelik.


I got these lines from a song of BTS, Wishing on a Star ^^ I just take few lines coz we give all our hopes to Allah. :)

As long as you have a dream, you don’t have to worry If you believe, it’ll shine

If you’re tired, you can rest while continuing to move forward

If your heart continues to beat, uh Don’t change, continue to have big dreams

The more you hope, the more it might come true

Keep your dreaming hard Just no matter where you are I’m running with my heart Keepin’ my feet in the Mars and No matter how it far I’ll be always restartin’

Even if I have to endure it, I’ll continue to move forward Even if all these tears dry out Right, just being myself, just the way I am If I can sing, nothing will ever be hard

Life is one coin clear** Small troubles are nothing Do it seriously, there’s really no second chance Ur possibilities have no limit boy, there’s no limit value You can be a star, you can be a star, don’t forget that You will brightly light up what’s ahead, like a star

T/N: **One coin clear means …

Mitos Fluorida

Ok. Nak lari jap dari study. Hehe. Kejap ye wahai nota-nota sekalian.

Hari ni, first time Dr Luay (he's Iraqi) ajar kitorang Oral Biology untuk Anatomy section. Tajuk hari ni, Tooth Development dan Enamel Development. Then.. Kitorang pun tahu la pasal fluoride.

Ok. Sekarang nak tanya... Mesti pernah dengar kan pasal mitos ni.

"Kalau pakai ubat gigi yang ada fluoride / fluorida, gigi akan cepat terhakis."  Now, this statement is actually, correct partially. Separuh betul, separuh tak betul.

Sebelum nak cerita perkara sebenar, jom kenal anatomi (structure) gigi kita dulu.

Jom detect enamel gigi. Kat mana dia? Warna putih yang kita nampak ni la Enamel. Ok, sekarang kita dah kenal Enamel. Yang lain tu, kalau korang rajin nak kenal, google sendiri. Hahaha.

Enamel ni... Terbentuk dari cell ni. Nama dia, Ameloblast. Ameloblast ni terbentuk time kita jadi embryo lagi. Haha. Time tu, ameloblast tu aktifla merembes Enamel Matrix (enamel yang tak mature lagi). Even time kita kelua…

Missing U

Rindu bestfriend asasi dulu :') These songs are for us.
Aida . Ain . Izzatul . Shera . Hani (alaaa. X yah rindu sebab housemate skrg. Haha)
And rindu giler zaman fangirling dengan korang. Huhu.

Do you remember? Times we spent together, L.O.V.E (LUV)
Do your heart flutters? That time you were my everything, L.O.V.E (LUV)
Now, I only think of you once awhile, L.O.V.E (LUV)
Can’t we turn back the time?
I can’t believe it, for a while
Our story that ended
(My love) On unusually tiring and long day
(My love) There’s no one by my side L.O.V.E (LUV)
Even just for a moment
I want to lean on someone and cry, Yeah
That time when you and I weren’t afraid
If we held each others’ hands, Yeah
If only you stayed by my side
That day I wouldn’t need anything else
Do you remember? Times we spent together, L.O.V.E (LUV)
Do your heart flutters? That time you were my everything, L.O.V.E (LUV)
Now, I only think of you once awhile, L.O.V.E (LUV)
Can’t we turn back the time?
I can’t believe it, for a while
Our story that e…

Turn Off Your Phone

Zaman teknologi canggih ni, mesti majoriti terkena wabak ni. Wabak 'Hadap Gadjet'. Malangnya, aku pun terkena sekali. Asyik tengok phone je. WhatsApp tak de mesej masuk, buka FB, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat (aku bukan budak wicet yang aktif huhu).

One day, aku dengar satu lagu ni dari album Dark & Wild by BTS. Bila dengar rentak n irama, ingatkan ni lagu cinta biasa je la. Lalu aku pun tengok lirik lagu ni sebab nak sahihkan lagu ni ok ke tak. Haha.

Last2, aku yang tersentap sendiri. Budak-budak BTS ni.. Memang selalu buat aku sentap.

Korang baca la sendiri.

BTS - Can You Turn Off Your Phone

Could you turn off your cell phone? Everyone says it’s smart But we’re all getting dumber Could you turn off your cell phone? Look at my face and give me a mention I don’t need a Like
You use your phone to even tell me you’re going to the bathroom You give me a slight smile as if you think you’re smart It’s not funny at all, I’ve seen you for the first time in months Why are you pretending to be …

The Best Listener

Listen. Hear.

When problems come, Allah is the best Listener. Saat kepala dah pusing dengan masalah yang bertimbun-timbun, badan dihempap tanggungjawab yang berat.. Ambillah wudhuk. Bentangkan sejadah. Lalu menghadap-Nya.

Pergh. Waktu kau letak dahi kat sejadah tu, you'll know that feel. Aku tak leh nak describe. Kau rasa la sendiri.

Let Him know everything beneath your heart. EVERYTHING.


However, as a normal human, we also do need someone that will hear everything, right?
Kalau kau ada, APPRECIATE dia as well as dia hargai kau.

Huhu. Menyesal tak sudah kalau aku tak hargai. Bila lagi aku nak dapat orang yang sangup dengar luahan aku?


Thanks to the people around me that hear me membebel, merapu, merepek, meroyan and et cetera. Haha. Aku memang seorang yang jarang cerita prob hidup. Once aku suka cerita pasal diri aku, means mereka adalah the trusted one. Macam pemegang amanah la. Hahaha.

Ok done merepek pasal LISTENING.

Lepas-lepas ni, mesti korang akan dengar aku merepe…

ED00 or DS240

Alhamdulillah. Today is the day.

Debar-debar tunggu like debar tunggu kawan-kawan mai rumah. Hahahaha.

Time ni, tengah makan kat Subway. Dah lama nak makan. Tambah-tambah, si Aiman tunjuk Subway kat IG. Hahaha. Finally, mak pun belanja la.. Syukurr..

Buka website UPU guna phone mak, lambat. Jem. So, guna SMS. Around 10 minutes, dapat SMS. Tertera kod macam tajuk post ni. Gigih aku search apa kod UPU aku dapat ni. Finally, Alhamdulillah.. BDS or Bachelor of Dental Surgery. DS240 in UiTM. Senang kata, Dentistry UiTM.

Pergh. Berat rasanya.

After three days berjimba dengan my friends around Taiping, now focusing on preparation before degree. Macam biasa lah..

Print and lengkapkan borang. Medical check up. Hahaha. Plus ujian darah for Hepatitis B and C dan HIV. This is for Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Medical Lab Technology only. Nak handle darah. Tu kena test darah dulu. :D

Beli barang. Tapi kena bawak barang sikit je la sebab aku MDS (Minggu Destini Siswa) di Shah Alam. Then, bila h…

Offer Letter

Petang tadi, bangun aku dari tidur. Tengok phone. Ada sms masuk. Rupa-rupanya, result kemasukan degree UniKL dah masuk. So, aku terus buka website UniKL untuk tengok kos apa yang aku dapat.
Wow! Best program ni. Boleh tau macam mana nak secure system. Macam mana nak halang hackers. Hahaha (gelak jahat). Tapi... Petang tadi aku fikir-fikir sampai aku tak 'lalu' nak bukak whatsapp. Huhu.

Program ni kat UniKL MIIT. Kat Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

Pergh! Tengah bandar betul tu. Hahaha. Aku rasa beberapa lama boleh jadi culture shock. Ye la. Aku kan orang kampung ja. XD Dulu pun kampus kat ceruk hutan dan luar bandar sikit. Masuk je Shah Alam n Putrajaya, teruja. Hahaha. Tapiii.. Lagi pun, Putrajaya tak busy macam KL. Kereta sikit-sikit je. Takde jem teruk. Tu aku tak berapa jakun sangat. Kalau KL, hmmm.

So, aku decide untuk pilih universiti yang ada environment yang hijau. Yang terbina di kawasan luar ban…


I think my self esteem getting lowered. Low and low. This feeling made me wanting to 'masuk gua'. Hmm.

Entering degree and keep silent. And live and seeing others from down there.

Coz I'm not good enough in doing something. Still need to upgrade my skills. :'(

Uwarghh. Where's my confident?

Bangkang + Backup


Love Is Not Over

Siyes this song is one of my favourite songs from BTS. Huhu. Major lagu BTS aku minat coz of their lyrics. Banyak yang diorang tulis sendiri. Jjang punya!

Love Is Not Over. First time dengar yang Outro version punya (versi pendek) from album HYYH pt. 1. Memang harap sangat BigHit releasekan full version punya. Finally, ada jugak! 
Lagi berderai la air mata lepas dengar full version. Haha. Walaupun tak de prob perasaan dan cinta time tu, tetap nangis. XD Sorry. Jiwang sikit bab-bab ni. Thumbs up to Jungkook and Jin sebab terlibat dalam pembikinan lagu.

**kalau dengar reversed Outro version time tengah-tengah malam, nanti tak boleh tido. Hahaha.

These are the lyrics.

The long night is following you as it flows Time follows you and fades Why are you getting farther away? So far that I can’t reach you? Tell me why, you’re so far away, why Can’t you see me in your eyes anymore?
Love is so painful Goodbyes are even more painful I can’t go on if you’re not here Love me, love me Come back to my arms
Love i…

Little Things

Aku search dan baca lirik sebab aku tak pernah tahu dan dengar (pernah tapi buat tak tahu dan tak faham). Aku terdiam. Tiba-tiba, mak minta aku urut sekejap kakinya. So, aku urut mak aku dengan perasaan yang menahan. Menahan air mata dari jatuh. Aku alihkan pandangan aku ke TV dan tonton la Buddy dalam rancangan Bakery Boss tu demi nak buat riak muka aku as usual.
Habis urut, ambik wuduk untuk solat Maghrib, keep myself in the room. Menangis sepuas-puasnya depan Tuhan. Aku terharu. But what should I do? I'm clueless. Aku memang tak akan 'sweet sweet' dengan ajnabi. That's my principle. But aku berderai air mata do. 
Aku harap semua ni (sweet sweet) berlaku selepas perkahwinan. Uwaa. 
So, aku mampu acah-acah jadi perempuan rocker dan buat-buat blur dalam bab-bab macam ni. Demi tidak terlalu melayankan perasaan dan mengharapkan semua ini dapat kau buat selepas terikatnya ikatan sah antara kita.
I hope you read this. T.T But this make I more falling to you.
This lyrics m…

My Time Capsule

Bosan-bosan. Aku teringat balik kat satu beg ni. Aku panggil dia, Time Capsule. Beg ni aku isi dengan barang-barang yang dapat dari mana-mana. XD So, aku excited giler nak bukak balik beg ni. Hence, get ready dengan gambar yang banyak-banyak. Haha.

Pasal dinner ni kan.. Aku, pengetua n Encik Mizi duk kat meja yang lainnya, Croatian. Hmm.. Sah-sah la atas meja tu ada arak. Haha. Aku.. Ambik makanan dari meja buffet khas untuk vegetarian, then makan je tanpa hiraukan arak tu. Aish. Majlis sekejap pun ada arak. -_-