A female fan, especially one who is obsessive about comics, film, music, or science fiction. (Oxford Dictionaries)
I never notice this fangirling mood inside me till I got to know Hallyu.

In 2002, aku mula main MS Paint. Rindunya Paint. Haha. Lukis macam2. Lukis pizza la. Lukis orang petak la. Sayang takde gambar since laptop lama dah rosak. Pastu gigih lukis logo IKEA. Luls. Memang cari la font yang sama macam IKEA.

In 2007, aku terjumpa installed Photoshop dalam laptop Abah yang ada kat rumah. Kalau abah pergi kerja time cuti sekolah, aku habiskan masa expore benda alah tu. Siyes obsess dengan Photoshop. Walaupun time tu tak reti lagi bukak internet and tengok video tutorial guna Photoshop, time tu terer lukis matahari yang ada banyak shades of red to yellow. Haha. Aku obsess dengan Photoshop till now. Fuyo, dah 10 tahun bersama. Cewah.

In 2010, my school's PA system loved to play nasyid songs from UNIC, InTeam, Maher Zain and lots of other nasyid teams. I was obsessively fangi…


Pernah tak depress tak dapat something yang korang nak? Like nak beli tudung keluaran terbaru? Album BTS terbaru? Kasut baru? Tak dapat JPA?
I was quite depressed on something that I couldn't get. Eventhough I'm competent enough to have it. I mourned it because of it for a long time. **I just keep it in my heart pastu menangis sorang-sorang kat bilik air. Haha**
I ranted about it to my friend. And she said,
Don't worry.. Ada rezeki lain yang tengah tunggu kau. Rezeki tu kan beza-beza untuk setiap orang, dan dia dating dalam banyak bentuk. (Jihah, 2017)
Mana tahu kau dapat rezeki dimudahkan study ke. (Jihah, 2017)
Suddenly, I have this one thought.
I got many things that others want.
Lots of gifts for this week only (Ni sebab gigih gila main games kat PTAR Open Day hari tu.) Easily understood things in class. Made dental works aesthetically.
Ohhh. Wo mingpai le. I got what everyone's dreams.

Jadi, aku jadi sedar diri sikit. Kalau tak dapat something tu, tak bermakna kau ke…

Dent Is Try: Semester 3


Dent Is Try: Semester 2

Ya Allah...
Habis jugak sem 2 ni..

Sem ni, totally different dari sem 1 yang 'sedentary lifestyle.' Haha.

Nak baca sem 1 dulu? Kat SINI

Ok. We are going to the 2nd Semester.

Sem ni, kau akan banyak menangis kalau hati lembut macam aku. >.<

"Sesiapa yang bekerja keras sahaja akan disayangi."
"Jangan buang masa."
"You must know it already."
Yeah, welcome to the practical session.
Di mana kau habiskan lebih 60% masa sem 2 untuk praktikal.

Before we go to the real business, these are our courses that need to be learnt in this sem.

Foundation of Medical and Oral Sciences (Cardiovascular and Respiratory System)
AnatomyPhysiologyBiochemistryMicrobiologyPathologyPharmacologyOral Biology
Patient Care and Professional Development (yang ni sikit je sem ni)
Introduction To Clinical Practice (best sebab Dr Nik and SN* n DSA** yang ajar) Operative Dentistry and Endotology (tampal2 gigi or learn how to restore teeth) Prosthodontics (gigi pal…


Be weird. Being normal doesn't get you far in life. Be who you are and only who you are. Don't let nobody shape you into something else.— Day6 Jae (@Jae_Day6) July 14, 2017


A notification is popped up.

I smile.
Seeing the profile picture on the notification.
Just seeing him with the shirt that I chose.

I let the notification there without open it.
And I keep smiling while doing other things.

PS: Thanks for making me hype even just a single Like.

I Can Feel It

Can’t see the end, the questions continue
I ask myself again and again
If I can endure through these things
Then as if it’s nothing, I say, why can’t I?
Actually, it’s been really hard
The fact that there’s not a single person
Who will listen to my secrets that I’ve been keeping makes me sad
This reality makes me cry

Can’t see the end
When I open my eyes in bed
I still haven’t come out of my gravity defying dream
Is it morning? Is it night? I don’t even know
As I wash away the haziness at the sink
But everything stays the same
I see myself in the mirror with several days worth of makeup
My skin is ruined and I feel like I lost my goal
The dark circles underneath just get deeper

Feels like I’m floating in space
I don’t know where to go
But the stars far away pull me
I Can Feel It, I Can Feel It
I feel like I can be a light

Can’t see the end
I ran all the way from the start without rest, but why
Where did my usual self go? What am I chasing after every day?
I pray every day that it won…