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Dent Is Try: Semester 3


Dent Is Try: Semester 2

Ya Allah...
Habis jugak sem 2 ni..

Sem ni, totally different dari sem 1 yang 'sedentary lifestyle.' Haha.

Nak baca sem 1 dulu? Kat SINI

Ok. We are going to the 2nd Semester.

Sem ni, kau akan banyak menangis kalau hati lembut macam aku. >.<

"Sesiapa yang bekerja keras sahaja akan disayangi."
"Jangan buang masa."
"You must know it already."
Yeah, welcome to the practical session.
Di mana kau habiskan lebih 60% masa sem 2 untuk praktikal.

Before we go to the real business, these are our courses that need to be learnt in this sem.

Foundation of Medical and Oral Sciences (Cardiovascular and Respiratory System)
AnatomyPhysiologyBiochemistryMicrobiologyPathologyPharmacologyOral Biology
Patient Care and Professional Development (yang ni sikit je sem ni)
Introduction To Clinical Practice (best sebab Dr Nik and SN* n DSA** yang ajar) Operative Dentistry and Endotology (tampal2 gigi or learn how to restore teeth) Prosthodontics (gigi pal…


Be weird. Being normal doesn't get you far in life. Be who you are and only who you are. Don't let nobody shape you into something else.— Day6 Jae (@Jae_Day6) July 14, 2017


A notification is popped up.

I smile.
Seeing the profile picture on the notification.
Just seeing him with the shirt that I chose.

I let the notification there without open it.
And I keep smiling while doing other things.

PS: Thanks for making me hype even just a single Like.

I Can Feel It

Can’t see the end, the questions continue
I ask myself again and again
If I can endure through these things
Then as if it’s nothing, I say, why can’t I?
Actually, it’s been really hard
The fact that there’s not a single person
Who will listen to my secrets that I’ve been keeping makes me sad
This reality makes me cry

Can’t see the end
When I open my eyes in bed
I still haven’t come out of my gravity defying dream
Is it morning? Is it night? I don’t even know
As I wash away the haziness at the sink
But everything stays the same
I see myself in the mirror with several days worth of makeup
My skin is ruined and I feel like I lost my goal
The dark circles underneath just get deeper

Feels like I’m floating in space
I don’t know where to go
But the stars far away pull me
I Can Feel It, I Can Feel It
I feel like I can be a light

Can’t see the end
I ran all the way from the start without rest, but why
Where did my usual self go? What am I chasing after every day?
I pray every day that it won…

Si Comel dan Si Kambing

Pada suatu hari.. Di zaman milennia ini, terdapat seekor kambing tersesat di Lembah Harapan. Dia sesat kerana melilau tidak tentu hala.

Dari jauh, Si Comel sedang menyiram pokok ros yang belum kembang sambil menyanyikan lagu 20, part Seungkwan. Tetiba, Si Comel terdengar bunyi kambing mengembek. Setahu dia, tidak pernah orang membela kambing di situ.

"Kambing jadian atau apakah?" Dia tanya dalam hati.

Kerana sifat ingin tahu telah membunuh kucing-kucingnya, dia meletakkan hos air dan mencari punca bunyi kambing itu. Dia ternampak seekor kambing sedang makan bunga ros yang sedang mekar. Perasaan dia, 😀😑

"Sanggup dia makan bunga ros aku! Siap la. Aku panggang kau."

Namun, benda lain yang terjadi. Kambing itu hanya menggigit tangkai bunga ros merah itu. Lalu kambing itu pergi ke arah Si Comel. Si kambing itu seolah-olah membuat muka, 'Terimalah bunga ini.'

Si Comel ya…



Drift Away

Time is passing
I’m looking back at my days that felt so long
I didn’t know but they were really short
All the things that just passed
I miss them even more today
Beautiful memories that I can’t turn back

Time that’s like blood flowing from my wrists
Memories drift away, becoming a big ocean
What’s flowing in the past and present are the same
But I only have regret for the things I couldn’t hold on to
I guess I still have a long way to go to become an adult
Or maybe I don’t want to
Maybe I’m just whining
I can’t hold onto these unknown days so they keep drifting
I’m drifting with time, giving up my body

You’ve drifted far away
Because of the things that always just pass by
When you’re struggling, just lean on me
You’ve walked slowly and heavily
Now you’ve become a memory
Happiness and sadness
I want everything to come back
Is that wrong?

We’re drifting away, drifting away
We’re drifting away in time
We’re drifting away, drifting away
We’re drifting away in time
We’re drifting away, drifting away

If I turn around…

Oh! My Hubby... Mr. Dentist

Storyboard 3.5/5
Jalan cerita agak cliche, kahwin kerana dijodohkan oleh parents. Ex masih mengejar cinta lama dia. Maybe due to the author is not in the dental field, me saying Congrats to her, Bunga Amani because she was trying to bring Dentist as main role. Haha. Daku sebagai dental student terasa terharu sebab finally ada jugak novel dedicated untuk dentist. XD Aku memang beli sebab nampak perkataan 'Dentist'. She mentioned about tooth extraction in funny way. The hero is so jealous towards his wife's ex sehinggakan dia nak cabut gigi lelaki tu. (Ok. Aku mengaku, aku pun pernah nak cabut gigi orang yang buat hal dengan aku XD I feel ya, Dr Megat Mizwar).

Walau bagaimanapun, aku baca je. Who know's the unexpected twist plot? At the end, this novel made me crying badly. We lost a lovely protagonist. Uwaaaa. Sis Bunga Amani, finally you made me crying.

Language 5/5
Just nice.

Must read? 4/5
Bacalah. Best untuk readers yang gemar membaca kisah perkahwinan yang complicated.

Expect less, Hope more

Expect less on human. cuz everyone has flaws, nobody's perfect.

Hope more towards Allah, cuz Allah is the most perfect One. He will give what your hoping for (if you make Him as the Greatest One)

Don't worry.
Nobody's perfect.
Me too.
I accept you as you accept me. :)

Being Neutral

Dentistry taught me many things.
Sorry if I bias towards Dentistry because I feel it. However, all courses teach us many things. :D

Everyday, I feel terrified when waking up from bed.
Thinking what's going on today.
What if I stumble in the middle of route?
What if my projects being rejected?
What if I will
Those are keep played when I wake from bed.

After a long time..
My awakening becomes aspiring.
Aspiring to be a good student by niat.
Day by day.
Even yesterday was a horrible day.
Which is full of rejection and disappointment.
That was made me crying endlessly.
Even my surrounding people are faster than me,
In doing our bread and butter.

I wanna keep crying.
Sigh in silent.

But good people make me to do something better.
Make me feel positive.
Keep smiling when facing hardship. (this smile is sooooo beautiful.)
Make me keep laugh normally. Haha
Make me tell the stories without hesitation.
Without worrying what's their thought of me.

One more thing.
I cant keep being sad throug…


Ever since I was born
I counted the days for my first move
I remember, why I had to move
The machine in my mom’s heart and the big scar
In winter of 2010 at Daegu
The childish me used to measure the size of the world
The reason why we moved into a business
Was because of all the bad things people said, saying we follow money
So moving left many things with me
Whether I liked it or not, it changed a lot in my life
My life was about paying rent, I know
I lived with my pride put into the down payment
So I’m gonna move again
I’m gonna have a dream, a level higher than being an idol
When will I stop having to move again?
I hope it comes quickly

Let’s move
Goodbye to this place, that we grew attached to
Let’s move
Now to a higher place

While taking the last box out of the empty room
I looked back for a moment
Times we cried and laughed
Goodbye now

~ Written by SUGA for BTS - Move

I’m 20 (now) and it’s a good day
I’ve become a free body
But what is this, there’s nothing to it I’ve only become an adult
I’ve only become …

ggAida: GV Black Classification

Siyes malam ni bosan giler. Haha. Scroll twitter, ternampak tweet seorang dentist ni. Pasal GV Black Classification ni.

Apa itu GV Black classification tu?
Before nak tau classification apakah itu.. Jom kenal GV Black dulu.
Dr. Greene Vardiman Black, or popular di kalangan dentist dengan nama GV Black dan Bapa Pergigian Moden (Father of Modern Dentistry). Beliau juga Father of Operative Dentistry (Operative Dentistry ni, senang kata, prosedur tampalan semua tu) :D
Banyak sumbangan beliau kepada dentistry. Antaranya:

Sebab fluorosis pada gigiIdeal cavity preparations (How nak lubangkan gigi before tampal dll)Foot-driven dental drill (control drill pakai kaki. Rasa macam tengah drive kereta or guna mesin jahit) XD Even idea beliau "Extension for prevention" tu orang dah jarang pakai, tapi berjasa untuk amalgam usage.
Ok2. Takut melalut ke tempat lain.. Jom sambung ke GV Black Classification..
GV Black ada buat pengkelasan karies gigi (gigi berlubang) berdasarkan lokasi karies tu…

Charge My Heart 1

Dr Howard Farran tweeted about a female dental surgeon, Dr. Pamela Marzban on how her being successful in dentistry.

Her tips are:

You can't achieve success all by yourself
Kita tak boleh berjaya sorang-sorang. Need someone to support the vertebrae. Talk to our friends and collegues and learn their mistakes! Tak semua orang akan cerita pasal personal life diorang but try je. Haha.

Sound and strong leadership takes work, but is powerful
Erm.. I think I should join KPO (Kursus Pengurusan Organisasi) by SMF bulan Mei ni kat Melaka.
Giving back rewards yourself, as well as your community
Well, diri sendiri pun nak reward after berpenat lelah working on something. Begitu juga dengan masyarakat. Join the social works with friends. Bila buat dengan kawan, baru ada semangat nak berbakti untuk masyarakat. :D

Dent Is Try: Semester 1

That's my feeling when Sem 1 came to the end..
Dah lama nak cerita but tak de masa nak taip lama-lama. Haha (Padahal masa habis duk dengar lagu BTS dia tu). <- Jangan ikut contoh ni!

Time sem 1, my thought was like these..

"Pergi kelas, balik kelas je ke?"
"Non stop 5 lectures??"
"SDL* manaaaaa... Tak wujud!"
"No life."
"Beratus topik kena cover untuk final.. I'm dead. "
Memang mengantuk betul la dalam lectures. Sebab tak jaga waktu tidur. Tidur lewat je kerja time sem 1 tu.

Rutin harian:
#1 Bangun awal. Setiap hari kerja ye. Setiap hari kelas start pukul 8. Haha. Praktis la bangun awal bagi sape yang berminat dengan program ni. **gelak jahat**

#2 Pukul 8, start lecture. Basic Medical Science and Oral Biology

List of Subjects dan pecahan dia:

Foundation of Medical and Oral Sciences
AnatomyPhysiologyBiochemistryMicrobiologyPathologyPharmacologyOral Biology Patient Care and Professional Development
Islam and Asian Civilizat…

Wings II

I hope we can be the wings of each other and fly higher and higher. We can't just fly with a single wing. ... Thank you for being the other wing.
(Min Yoongi, 2017) - Wings Tour In Seoul -

Without A Heart

If I say that I'm in pain, I'm scared that I'll really be in pain
If I say that I'm sad, I'm scared that I will shed my tears
Why don't I just laugh, just laugh, just laugh...
But people ask me why I'm crying...

Everyday I cry, I smile, cry then smile again
What's wrong with me, why do I do this repeditely?
Can't differentiate between bottles of alcohol and meals
So far in my life, I never felt pain this excruciating
Absentmindedly, I write your name over and over on a piece of paper
In a day, the paper becomes black and I finally let the pen go
I long for you, I hold on to my cellphone and let it go
my eyes are filling up with tears again, this seperation between us..

(Ok.. Sorry ya Allah..  πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­)

I'm without a heart, I don't have a heart
So I wouldn't be feeling pain
Everyday I talk to myself, and put myself under a spell
But even so, I keep shedding my tears

If I say that I'm in pain, I'm scared that I'll really be in…

Origin of Yeorin Baramdo

Memandangkan dah nak setahun umur blog yang semi-berhabuk ni....

Nak cerita pasal asal usul nama blog ni.

It was taken from lyrics of.....

Super Junior - THIS IS LOVE !!

Time tu.. aku memang suka giler lagu ni. Maybe sebab..

It's lyrics. Huhu. Ayat dia, sastera..Choreography.Setting. Elegant sangat2.Video ni bersambung pulak dengan Evanesce punya MV. Siyes lawa. Tu je kut sejarah dia. Haha. First time tengok MV TIL ni.. time kat Iran. Ternampak kat MV review yang beberapa minit tu. Maka gigihla aku cari and download (kena pakai proxy browser sebab Youtube and website korea kena banned di Iran). Hahaha.
That's all from me! Salam final daripada saya!

Big Eyes on Different Side of World

Memang hobi aku since kecik.
Sebab dah terbiasa jalan-jalan.
Abah bawak jalan merata tempat.
Made my eyes see other wonders.
Seeing different cultures.
Expanding the mind's contents. Not just for ABC and 123.
And made me extrovert.

Pernah dulu bercita-cita nak jadi doktor tanpa sempadan (doctor without borders) selepas dengar cerita pasal anak Cikgu Mardiana (Taayah) yang study medic kat Indonesia. Kebetulan, anak Cikgu Mardiana yang lagi sorang, belajar kat sini. Tengok UiTM Sungai Buloh dengan mata sendiri time tu pun dah bagi inspirasi untuk aku study kat sini since Form 3. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
Sambung balik pasal DWB. Teringin nak pi rawat orang randomly. Tak kira bangsa and agama. Pastu, pi jelajah mana-mana.
Cewahh. Time tu tak sedar diri tu perempuan, bakal bini orang. Kena jaga anak-anak.
Bila dah sedar.. My old ambition got shrinken. Huhu.

Started from entering my university's life..
I feel my world getting smaller.
I just clique to my classmates.
I just cling to my b…