Dent Is Try: Semester 4

Assalamualaikum and hi.

Okay stress sebab numeral keypad laptop ni rosak haha. So kena guna On Screen Keyboard.

Sem 4.

Mid Sem Exam of Oral Pathology.
Professional Examination I.
Need to finish all dental projects before entering clinic and unfortunately, I'm not one of the finishers but soon, in shaa Allah.

All the best to my friends who treat patients soon.
All the best to all friends yang really keluarkan their effort to get through thick and thin in Dentistry.

May Allah bless our efforts and prayers, Noxus.

PS: Lesser words in my Dent Is Try posts. :(


  1. betul ke bdk2 pmpuan kt uim dental comel2 belaka?

  2. tolong updates pasal housemates awak yg baik2 belaka tu ..


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