First time I met you

For the first time that I met you, I saw you in Abah's laptop. You looked interesting. So, I wanted to know you more detail. Then, I opened a guide about you. I learnt and practised.

It is getting funnier. The more I know you, the less my knowledge. :D

First time using you.

They looks fun? Haha.. My drawing used you. Actually, I did these in when I was 10 years old.

Now, I will look like this.

Click to enlarge
Firstly, I drew this comic on a paper. Next, I scanned it. After that, I traced and coloured it in you.

In 2013, I had to face you everyday. Sidress and I must publish BAKTI magazine. After we got through much trials, finally, I got a printed BAKTI on the day of I won Malay poem competition. I got it like a mom had born a healthy baby. I satisfied.

So, without the help of Allah, I cannot use you.

Now, I reached an intersection that I have to leave or embrace you again until I die. T.T
I'll miss you, Photoshop.


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