Persimmon is not a Banana

Do you have eat persimmon?

In Malaysia, persimmon is known as Pisang Kaki. However, many Malaysians confused.

"Pisang Kaki tu Pisang ke? Tak ada rupa macam pisang pun." This thought always in my mind during my childhood time. This is because Malaysians called banana, Pisang. So, we thought persimmon is the family member of banana. Haha.

The first time I knew persimmon was the primary school time. I read a kid magazine, E-Baca. Then, I read about persimmon in a column called like, 'Did You Know?' There was I knowing it!

From there, I started wondering how its taste?

Next, I watched a historical KDrama. The crown princess wanted to kill the crown prince by putting cyanide powder on the dried persimmon before giving to him as supper. So, I thought the dried persimmon always be snacks for Chinese and Korean.

Dried persimmons

After that, I watched Running Man episode 221 which its landmark was in Hadong, Gyeoungsangnam-do. In that province, there are many huge persimmon plantations are settled. Subhanallah! Wow! There are lot of persimmons.

Finally, I could eat them as I ate orange in Iran. During winter and school break, my family visited Abah in Tehran, Iran. However, I just saw the persimmon trees with no leaves and left out persimmons at the backyard of the house. Fortunately, the host of the house gave us a plastic bag of persimmons after Abah bought them at Tajrish Market. Yummy!

In Iran, I ate them with the soft flesh but in Malaysia, they have ripe flesh as apple. Anyway, both of them are scrumptious!

Now, these are the nutritional info of persimmon that I got it from here.


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