Driving Lesson I


Finally, I ended my drenched school life with an 'elegant' olive school uniform. Haha.
Yeah! That uniform was nearly expensive as Siti Khadijah's telekung (prayer robe).

So, it became a trend when school leavers asking their parents to become an official motocar driver.
Abah allowed me but Mak didn't. Sigh. Maybe I'll learn to drive during pursue study in a university.

After Mak knew there is the automatic transmission driving lesson (that's true?) from Mak Cik Raja, Mak allowed me to learn it. Alhamdulillah! Yes!

Firstly, I registered at an agency of Institut Memandu Anggerik Muhibbah (IMAM). It locates opposite of SK Sg. Kepar. It's fee is very expensive, ma.. RM 1300. This is for auto car.

For manual transmission car, the fee is less than auto's. RM 1200++.

First step, I must attend 5 hours course of KKP01. Many rumors said that course is quite bored. For me, it is fun because I know what I didn't know. So, don't be a person acts knowing everything!

There, I met my primary school classmates. Adibah n Afiqah (twins) and Fahmi. Athirah is my new friend! Nice to meet you, Athirah!

On the second week, I sat for computerised Law examination. A day before the examination, I tried hard to find past questions in the internet. I just found links that directly download a software. However, my Mac can't read .exe file! Then, the software needed a password. It made me miserable for a while. It made me feel in SPM fever again.

Luckily, I found a set of 500 questions and answers! Alhamdulillahi Rabbil 'Alamiin...
That evening until midnight, I struggled. I didn't burn midnight oil for a long time.

First lap, 39/50. Fail! I must get 42/50, at least.
2nd lap, 40/50.
3rd lap, 44/50. Nah! Pass! However, I didn't feel any satisfaction.
4rd lap, 40/50. See! I failed again.

Until 10th lap, the highest mark is 46.
I should I do? Abah wanted me to achieve 100%.
And, thanks Mak to accompany me with playing 2048. Haha.

That day is coming. I sat for the exam at MyEG Taiping. Thanks Allah for arriving us earlier.
When facing the test, in any test, we must ask help from our God, Allah. This is because Allah gives us the success that we want.

So, I sat the exam calmly. Luckily, I didn't fall asleep as usual. >.<
I finished the exam in 35 minutes average. Alhamdulillah, four flat!

So, do the past questions. Don't sigh and feed up with the questions.
You'll know what you didn't know. In shaa Allah.

Now, I'm waiting for the LDL (not about fats, ya!). Learners Diving Licence.
I can only drive a car with a teacher beside me after getting this licence.

So, wait and be patient.


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