I got these lines from a song of BTS, Wishing on a Star ^^ I just take few lines coz we give all our hopes to Allah. :)

As long as you have a dream, you don’t have to worry
If you believe, it’ll shine

If you’re tired, you can rest while continuing to move forward

If your heart continues to beat, uh
Don’t change, continue to have big dreams

The more you hope, the more it might come true

Keep your dreaming hard
Just no matter where you are
I’m running with my heart
Keepin’ my feet in the Mars and
No matter how it far
I’ll be always restartin’

Even if I have to endure it, I’ll continue to move forward
Even if all these tears dry out
Right, just being myself, just the way I am
If I can sing, nothing will ever be hard

Life is one coin clear**
Small troubles are nothing
Do it seriously, there’s really no second chance
Ur possibilities have no limit boy, there’s no limit value
You can be a star, you can be a star, don’t forget that
You will brightly light up what’s ahead, like a star

T/N: **One coin clear means that you only have one chance at life

From me, just catch your dreams. No matter how big they are. :)


  1. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to do so...you may stumble sometimes,but never looked back once and keep move forward...put hopes in Allah and be glad there are people who will always be by yourside...trust and effort :)

    1. That's true! Thanks for such inspiring words. :)


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