Mirai 未来

I thought about it. What's my future? Just to be a good girl and be married with a pious man?
I don't think so that my life just to be like that. There are the other missions.

1st Situation

Being admitted in a medical school. Study (6 years) HO. MO. Pursuing study in O&G (or Ophtalmology). Being a specialist doctor.

The question is 'When I will get married?'


Pursuing study in Engineering. Be a software engineer. (Quite easy)

For this time, I just thought of these two field. Maybe, the other time, I will show my interest to be a graphic designer or working in HR or journalist? Who knows that? Allah decides what we have planned.

Then, I must be admitted in UA or university in the country that I'll not have to transit and travel for 24 hours like US and so on.

So, my choose is the universities in Asia region. That's enough for me. "Kalau jauh sangat pun buat apa?"

I think about Korea. Oh Daehan Minguk! I didn't apply for JPA. In addition, I've received the offer letter from UniKL to pursue my study in Foundation of Korean Universities. I can't go there because this course is SELF-SPONSORED.😑 "Banyak duit nak pergi sana!"

As Sabru Jamil. Patience is gorgeous.

😁😊😄😃 Keep calm. Do your best in pre university and life. In shaa Allah, Allah will lead you.


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