Driving Lesson II

KPP02... 6 hours. On that day, this was the first time ever that I had drive a car. My feet trembled. I always stepped on throttle (known as the "accelerator", "gas pedal" or "pedal minyak") if I want to slow the car and vice versa.

KPP03... 10 hours. Cikgu Basir thought me too. He was the only one of Auto Teacher. After 'brain wash' by him, finally, I can adapt in the track and on the road.

After 10 hours, Cikgu Basir advised me to take 2 hours of extra class. So sad because Cikgu was absent on that day. He was subtituted by Cikgu Hadi. He is a new teacher in IMAM. So funny.

"Just step on the throttle."
"Don't be stingy in giving the signal" -Cikgu Hadi-

On the final day, Second and Third Test (Ujian II & III). Alhamdulillah, my RPK (Vehicle Inspection Routine) and Second Test in fine.

"Your face is so calm. You are relax when driving. Good luck for next test." - I don't know this teacher's name-

When turning to Third test, my RSM (routine before driving) ok and my driving is KO. T.T Heart breaking.

I forgot to give a signal when starting the journey. Ya Allah...

So, I want to do my best for the 2nd Third Test (repeat). Pray for me.

PS: I miss you, White Saga FLX.



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